Astrology & Tarot: A House of Cards

Signs, Planets and Tarot
There are 12 signs in the zodiac, each represents one month in a twelve-month calender year. There are four seasons in the year-Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter-, and each season has three months with a beginning, middle and end.

Cardinal seasons represent the beginning of a season and correspond to new beginnings with a take-charge Just do it attitude.

Aries/March21-April20 marks the beginning of Spring
Cancer/June22-July23 marks the beginning of Summer
Libra/September23-October22 marks the beginning of Fall
Capricorn/December21-January20 marks the beginning of Winter

Fixed signs represent the high points in a season and correspond to an unstoppable, stubborn, thorough, practical, dependable and enduring attitude. These personality types prefer stability over the unknown, a stable career, partnerships, and home life.


Mutable signs are transitional, they mark the change of seasons. These personality types are versatile, somewhat chaotic, restless, able to see various points of view, are good communicators, and able to lead situations, people and projects through times of transition into completion.


The four elements also factor into signs and temperaments, they are
Fire, Earth, Air, and Water.

Fire signs represent people who are energetic, enthusiastic, optimistic, impulsive, and free-spirited. They shine bright and are impossible to control. They are Aries, Leo and Sagittarius.

Earth Signs represent people who are practical, grounded, reliable, supportive, sensible, thorough, capable, and cautious. They approach life situations with a patient, methodical outlook. They are Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn.

Air signs are quick thinking, communicative and good conversationalists. They have a great imagination filled with ideas and can communicate well with almost anyone. They are Gemini, Libra and Aquarius.

Water signs are intuitive and emotional as in emotions run deep, they are moody like the tide swinging from calm to storms of anger. They are Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces.

Signs also have male and female characteristics that affect their personalities:

Fire and air signs are masculine with extroverted active ‘testosterone’ traits: Outspoken, confident, assertive, and confident with a ‘take the lead’ ‘bull by the horns’ ‘life by the balls’ attitude.

Earth and water signs are feminine with introverted receptive ‘estrogen’ traits: Intuitive, a quiet understanding, responding with a patient and strong committed outlook to see things through to the end.

Signs and Symbols
All twelve signs in the zodiac are represented by symbols that refer to animals and elements that further explain their signs.

Aries: Ram, sacrifice
Taurus: Bull, stubborn
Gemini: Twins, duality
Leo: Lion, courage and showmanship
Virgo: Virgin Mary, cleanliness
Libra: Balance Scales, fair justice
Scorpio: Scorpion, defensive offensive
Sagittarius: Archer, aimed at truth
Capricorn: Goat, seeking greener pastures
Aquarius: Water bearer, visionary
Pisces: Fish, intuitive

The Planets
There are ten planets that affect our 12 signs, each has a distinctive personality and reflected by historical archetypal characters.

Sun Centre of the universe, represents energy and illumination, ‘Big man on campus’

Uranus Rebellion and revolution, ‘Born to be wild’

Mercury Speed and communication, logic, reason, intelligence, education, all the mind faculties. Planet closest to the sun makes it hot and fast. Concerned with what we know and how we know it. ‘Thinks at the speed of a ‘sent’ text.’

Moon Reflection and intuition

Venus Love and attraction, creativity, self-esteem. Goddess of beauty, comfort, balance and harmony. Concerned with feelings and possessions, self-esteem is tied into possessions. Beauty and the Beast, Cinderella, Snow White.

Jupiter Luck, expansion and success. Zeus, ruler of the heavens. Confidence, optimism, success, generosity. God of sky, bringer of light, wellbeing and protection. Uses higher mind to achieve goals. Can be excessive, overextending or over indulgent. About revealing how you grow and change. Mantra: ‘Personal growth.’

Neptune Mysticism, illusions, father healing. Poseidon, ruler of the oceans. Neptune, sea god, ‘Ruler of water, dreams, the unknown.’

Pluto Death, unavoidable change, resurrection. Hades, ruler of the underworld. Soul Journey, ‘the end and the beginning’

Saturn Structure, boundary, limitation, commitment, responsibility, rules, regulations, self-discipline, self-respect. Theme of authority, others and ours. ‘The teacher.’

Mars Energy, courage, war/unafraid to fight battles, aggression, assertiveness, goal oriented, physical in approach. The ‘Protector of underdogs,’ the ‘Warrior.’ The lesson, ‘Separate your battles from what belongs to others and walk your path to success.’

Tarot Majors and their Ruling Planet and Sign

Uranus Fool  Planet of rebellion. ‘Doesn’t care what society thinks’

Mercury Magician  Planet of speed and communication. ‘Master fast talker’

Moon High Priestess Planet of reflection and intuition. ‘The psychic’

Venus Empress Planet of love and attraction. ‘Wife and mother’

Aries Emperor Planet of leadership. ‘Master and commander’

Taurus Venus Hierophant Bull. Planet of stability, luxury, and pleasure. ‘Keeper of tradition,’ rich traditional taste, comfort, stability.

Gemini Mercury Lovers  Planet of speed, thoughts, and communication. ‘Twin souls who think and speak as one’

Cancer Moon Chariot  Planet of motherhood, home, and family life. Crab carries its home on its back. The chariot is ‘a car, which is like a home away from home. It also refers to mom symbolically driving her show along her path, doing what is necessary to advance herself and her family.

Leo Sun Strength  Lion is a sign of heart and courage, showmanship, a flair for the dramatic play, ‘not for the faint of heart.’ Sun symbolizes confidence, self-assured, in command, celebratory, ‘

Virgo Mercury Hermit  Planet of speed and communication. Virgo represent the Virgin Mary, she symbolizes health and cleanliness, diet and clean living. The hermit has critical thinking and communication skills.

Jupiter Wheel of Fortune Planet of luck. Growth and expansion.

Libra Venus Justice Planet of grace, charm, love and attraction. Libra weighs both sides, mediates justice, balance and equality. Queen of Justice delights in listening to everyone’s stories.

Neptune Hangman Planet of mysticism, illusion, can refer to hospitals, prisons, psychiatric wards, mental institutions. The hangman is a visionary, he travels in alternate realities, can also represent escapism through alcohol and drugs.

Scorpio Pluto Death Intensity drives desires and focus, enjoys life’s dark mysteries. Planet of death, destruction, deliverance, unavoidable change, evolution. Death card is master of transformation.

Sagittarius Jupiter Temperance Archer arrow, honesty, exploration, adventure, outgoing, in search for honest visionary companions. Planet of growth and expansion, the person wants to keep growing. Blending elements, offbeat, philosopher, enthusiastic, balanced optimistic nature.

Capricorn Saturn Devil  Goat symbolizes work and rewards, constantly climbing seeking greener pastures Capricorn represents career success and worldly status. Planet of structure, boundaries, and limitations, control freak, ‘living in a world of your own making.’ Devil represents material possessions, public image and appearance, will pay anything for the privilege of power.

Mars Tower  Planet of energy, war, aggression, and assertiveness. Tower represents aggression, something or someone perpetually guarded and under attack.

Aquarius Uranus Star  Visions of a better world, draws kindred spirits into her futuristic realm and direction. Planet of rebellion, independence, revolution, a dreamer unafraid to follow his/her heart. Star has hope and inspiration, starry eyed, has goals and dreams, is a visionary.

Pisces Neptune Moon  Fish, intuition, changeable, destructive. Planet of mysticism and illusion. Moon is self-pitying and secretive. “A nine-month ‘beneath the surface’ period to give birth to a new ‘reality’.”

Sun Sun  Symbolizes Confidence, self-assuredness, in command, celebration. Sun is the source of energy and enlightenment. “Powerful new beginnings.”

Pluto  Judgment  Planet of death, resurrection and unavoidable change. Judgment is a last call of awareness, understanding, and acceptance. “The horse id dead. Next.”

Saturn  World  Planet of boundaries (ringed planet), limitations, restrictions, and structures. Ring symbolizes commitments. World represents our earthly home, our earth walk education as in our the wisdom we gain from life experience as we continue movement through our life’s cycles. “Job well done, you’ve graduated.”

The Tarot
The tarot is an incredible divination tool that allows us humans in the third dimension to communicate with other life forms on the other dimensions. They are colourful cards with symbols and numbers on them that enable us to access all kinds of information. I use the tarot for both personal and professional reasons. I use them to communicate with my A-Team for a variety of reasons:

-Personal therapy
-Professional therapy
-Conversations with Spirit
-To look for illnesses in the body and how to heal them
-PathFinding and PathWorking to divine best course of action
-To conduct blessings and white magic spells

The deck is made up of 78 cards divided into two sections:
Major Arcana: 22 cards
There are 22 archetypal characters with specific names, associated astrological signs, elements, and numbers.

Minor Arcana: 56 cards
There are 4 suits divided into four elements, each suit runs from numbers 1-10, with four additional court cards -Page, Knight, Queen, King-. Sometimes these court cards refer to specific people in our life, and sometimes they refer to energies at play. If we are to look at the court cards as people in our life, they represent 16 possible character types.

Although there are many different ways to use and code your cards to work with the other side, there are a few traditional points that are important to mention:

-The majors represent the big situations/cycles in our life whereas the minors represent the day to day details.
-All the minors relate to the majors.
-All majors and minors relate to the four elements, are coded with numbers that refer to numerology, and use specific colours and symbols to tell a story.

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