Dr. Leanne Levy

Meet your A-Team and develop your psychic mediumship abilities to read energy (Spirit, people, pets, places, objects) and channel PROOF OF SURVIVAL messages from the Other Side.

Developing psychic mediumship abilities and working with the Spirit World as a Divine messenger and healing channel is a work in progress. But what makes it more difficult than other professions, is that more often then not, we are working with ‘Invisible forces.

The practice of psychic mediumship is a discipline, language, sport and an art form, and thus far, the most effective means I know to exercise clearing the mind and conquering self-doubt. In order to receive a message we have to be able to clear and stop the mind and body long enough from going elsewhere other than where Spirit wants it to go. We learn how to pick up subtle energies and cues, which we develop with our guides, to identify a secondary source feeding us the information other than our ‘mind/ego.’ Although both take place in the mind, there is a difference between our ‘normal’ thought forms and energy sensed while channeling.

We all come from the Other Side hence we all have this language within us but some people are born with strong clear seeing ability while others have to train to develop the ability to see, clairvoyantly, which is basically learning how to receive symbols transferred through the Right brain and translated through the Left.

We also receive messages through feelings and touch (clairsentience), hearing (clairaudience), thoughts (claircognizance), smell (clairalience) and taste (Clairgustance).

In our classes, we develop our psychic Clair senses by engaging in a variety of hands-on exercises and build upon our data bank of symbols to communicate with and deliver Spirit’s messages.

Healing & Teaching PracticeInterview with Dr. Leanne Levy and Akasha Whitewolf

What are your holistic goals?

Whether you are a private-group student, our goal is to awaken you to your true self and best life path. We teach you how to heal yourself by gaining access to conscious guidance from you A-Team, and understanding into your holistic body and of your highest path.

In our private sessions we teach through healing, in our group sessions, we heal through teaching.

What exactly do you do?

In our transpersonal empowerment practice, where we blend therapy and mediumship, I work as a therapist, psychic medium, and teacher. On the other side, I work with Spirit Guides, Ancestral family, passed-over loved ones, and friends. On this side, I work with individuals and couples who come to see me for a variety of reasons: couples therapy, family mediation, anxiety, depression, trauma, abuse, addiction, self-esteem, spiritual guidance, pathworking, life coaching, clearing blocks to abundance, and learning divination in order to communicate with Spirit.

Our Holistic Integrative Methodology combines both Western and Eastern Healing Modalities, and focus on healing patterns of suffering while excavating, developing and using gifts to manifest abundance. Living one’s Life Purpose, trauma resolution, greater self-awareness and self-understanding, improved patterns of communication, solutions to specific anxieties, enriched relationships, and reduction in feelings of distress are targeted and reached goals in session for those who commit to the journey.

What is the goal of your School?

W H I T E W O L F ACADEMY is our professional development Spirit Communication Language and Healing School providing onsite, online and phone classes to help people develop their abilities to communicate with spirit guides and loved ones so as to clearly see (clairvoyance), feel (clairsentience) and think (claircognizance) how best to heal and walk their highest path.

How do you work with your clients and students?

Onsite, over the telephone and online where we give readings, therapy, and teach the language of spirit communication and holistic healing.

While engaged in her doctoral studies at Concordia University, Dr. Leanne Levy developed a pattern recognition methodology to understand how humans use signs, symbols, and patterns to construct and communicate identity. Shortly thereafter, she was awarded a postdoctoral fellowship by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada in conjunction with Steinhardt’s New York University to pursue her research with children under youth protection, on the healing and empowering benefits of arts-based tools for crisis intervention.

Dr. Leanne Levy has lectured extensively, both locally and internationally, about her female empowerment work; published in top-tier peer-reviewed journals, authored two girlhood self-help and social justice books, and produced and directed numerous girl-centered educational documentary films, namely This Is My Body (2007), a National Film Board of Canada distribution.

Regarding her chosen educational path, she states: As life unfolds, we begin to see the links and snowball effect.

At the various times I decided to pursue my academic degrees in the area of Art Education—B.Ed., M.Ed. (McGill University), Ph.D., and Postdoctorate in Art and Art Professions—my goal was never to be a classroom art teacher, but, rather, to use art as a healing tool for personal growth and social awareness. Now I clearly see how my visual literacy education, coupled with my methodical pattern recognition ability, are foundational to my particular method of communicating with the spirit world. If you wait long enough, you will discover how one hand does indeed wash the other.

The author divides her time between Montreal & Laurentians, Quebec; Boca Raton, Florida; and online where she gives readings, therapy, and teaches the language of spirit communication and holistic healing. Her clients and students come from all walks of life, with varying professional backgrounds.