Healing with Essential Oils

Essential Oils and Aromatherapy
Essential oils are plant based and have anti-fungal, anti-infectious, anti-septic, anti-parasitic, anti-viral, anti-inflammatory, anti-depressant, andti-spasmodic, and anti-neuralgic healing properties. They can be used topically on various parts of the body, in some cases some can be ingested or inserted vaginally, they can be sprayed into the air or on clothing, used in the bath, on compresses, as a mouthwash, in shampoos, lotions, massage oils, as potpourri, and diffused into the air through a diffuser.

Essential oils affect the body through the nose, mouth, and skin, and move through the body with ease. When it comes into contact with nerves, it sends a signal to the brain and sets off a reaction. Once it enters the blood stream, it is able to travel throughout the body affecting various systems and organs. Like angels, they deter bacteria, fungi, and viruses, and they work on our emotional wellbeing, helping us to feel good. They also can be used for spell casting, which in essence, is a form of prayer and affirmation.

For healing purposes, oils can be used in a variety of ways. Depending on your needs, oils can be applied directly to affected areas without dilution, and they can be diluted within carrier oils and lotions. For example, if you have a broken limb, apply a few drops of ginger to the area. If you are feeling depressed, place a few drops of Ylang Ylang to pressure points on your body. Using a concoction of several essential oils, you can create your own unique massage oil or lotion to address your specific needs, symptoms, desires, and dreams.

All concoctions should be made in a dark glass bottle, and kept out of heated areas, and the sun. They maintain their frequency when kept in cool, dark places, with a tightly sealed lid. All carrier shampoos, conditioners and lotions should be natural and unscented, except when using carrier oils. Water should be distilled.

The following are some easy formulas regarding dilution and uses:

Skin: Rubbed on or massaged into the skin
Cotton swabs, compresses, gauzes and wound dressings: 1-2 drops
Mouthwash: 10-15 drops per 3.5 oz of water
Gargle: 1-2 drops per 1 oz. water
Bath: up to 15 drops in bath water
Foot bath: 5 drops per bowl of water
Lotions and massage oils: 5-10 drops per 1 oz of carrier oil or lotion
Shampoo: 5-15 drops into 3.5 oz shampoo
Scalp Treatment: 2-3 drops into a 1/2 oz oil carrier
Tissue: 1-2 drops
Skin cleanser: 2-15 drops per 3.5 oz of water
Face oil: 2-15 drops per 1 oz.
Face mask: 1 drop per 1/3 oz
Humidifier: 8 drops per pint of water
Potpourri: As much as you want
Room Spray: 10-15 drops into a water spray bottle
Pillow: 1-2 drops
Gardening: 4-8 drops per 1 gallon of water

*Like crystals, pay attention to the warnings that some essential oils come with. I have put together several lists to help you identify your physical needs and the oils that heal, as well as, warnings.

For specific uses, please view these pages:

Medicinal Properties
-List organized by healing properties: Antiseptic, anti-biotic, anti-fungal, antiviral, and anti-infectious.
-List organized by oils and what they heal.

Healing Ailments with Essential Oils
List organized by ailments, includes warning list of oils to avoid during pregnancy and skin sensitivities.

Skin Care
List of oils for daily skin care, includes *Sensitive skin warning list of oils that can irritate the skin

Magic with Essential Oils
List of oils and their properties for blessings and affirmations

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