Psychic Mediumship Classes


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WHITEWOLF Academy is a Spirit Communication Language and Healing School providing private teaching sessions over the telephone and online to help you develop your ability to communicate with your loved ones on the otherside so as to clearly see (clairvoyance), feel (clairsentience) and think (claircognizance) how best to heal and walk your highest path. We value one-on-one time together and your personal interests and individual needs therefore when you study with us privately we tailor design your private curriculum.

imageAs a professional development school, we also train you how to use the gift in your career should this be an option you are interested in. This is expecially fun for healers, teachers, artists and entrepreneurs with an established clientele or building a practice, business or school.

We are located in Montreal (Quebec) and Boca Raton (Florida) where we conduct phone/online & onsite classes, readings, and therapy. Our clients/students come from all parts of the world, above and below, with varying personal and professional histories and levels of channeling experience.