Third Eye Crystals

Laying on the Crystals
Choose the corresponding crystal and for 30 minutes, listen to relaxing music as you lay it on your third eye chakra for energy healing. You can also carry it around with you in your pocket or in a medicine pouch around your neck.

Lapis Lazuli, Sodalite, Sapphire, Tanzanite, Apophyllite, Prehnite, Celestite.

Lapis Lazuli
Astrological Association: Sagittarius

Healing Qualities: Great for psychic abilities, brings clarity to dreams, relives insomnia, helps to clear a cluttered mind helping you to become more organized, relieves depression, which can cause a cluttered disorganized mind, improves yin yang energies for balance within and with others.

Physical Benefits: Helps to repair muscles and bones, good for detoxing, boosts immune system, helps with dizziness and vertigo, hearing loss, and backache, great for immune system and energy, thyroid and thymus glands.

Astrological Association: Sagittarius

Healing Qualities: Good for oversensitivity, feelings of inadequacy, mental confusion, great for group work communication.

Physical Benefits: Good for diabetics, high blood pressure, the lymphatic system, metabolism, calcium deficiency, combats aging signs, good for healthy development of infants.

Astrological Association: Virgo, Libra, Sagittarius

Healing Qualities: Is a Record-keeper helps to access Akashic records, excellent for spirit communication, helps relieve depression, narrow-mindedness and emotional balance.

Physical Benefits: Has astringent properties, good for all glands and hormones, helpful for nausea, boils, infections, reduces bleeding, signs of aging, fevers, backache pain.

Astrological Association: Sagittarius, Gemini, Libra

Healing Qualities: Enhances psychic abilities, all forms of magic, and contact and communication with spirit guides.

Physical Benefits: Great for eyes, skin and exhaustion.

Astrological Association: Libra, Gemini
Chakra: Third Eye, Crown

Healing Qualities: Great for meditation, psychic abilities, spirit communication, and astral travel, helps with seeing ‘truth.’

Physical Benefits: Helps to rejuvenate the body and with eyesight.

Astrological Association: Libra

Healing Qualities: Good for divination, prophesy, dream recall and visualization of dreams and goals, helps you to let go of thoughts and feelings no longer needed, helps remove frustration and increase flow, great for helping you find your spiritual path.

Physical Benefits: Kidneys, bladder, anemia, and gout.

Astrological Association: Gemini

Healing Qualities: Great for angelic communication, dream recall, astral travel, and to prevent nightmares, it relieves stress and helps for clear thinking when involved with working through complex ideas.

Physical Benefits: Good for eye, ear, and speech conditions. Good for detoxing and pain relief.

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